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Modify Your Old Wheel Chair and Get a New Lease of Life

Is your life restricted to a wheelchair from the day you lost the power in your legs to stand or walk? Does mobility for you only means your same old wheel chair? Then, do not let that gloomy part of your life shroud your lively and carefree spirit which can be renewed when your wheelchair gets a new avatar after modification and repair. Edmond boasts of some of the best wheelchair repair and modification services in the US by “Edmond”. You can get your wheelchair repaired so that it acquires a new look. Your wheelchair became your partner and companion at the times of happy as well as sad moments. So, instead of getting a new wheelchair you can get your old wheelchair repaired and modified.

Importance of your old wheelchair

Has your old wheelchair worn out? Does it looks to old and makes you feel gloomier? Then you can get it repaired or modified. You have well adjusted to your old wheelchair, and that adjustment might not happen if you order for a new one. Ancient wise sayings also suggest the importance of old things as we readily adjust to the old things in our life and take time in adjusting with the new ones. Likewise, you can get your old wheelchair repaired so that you can have the comforts of using it again. If you have got bored with your same wheelchair, then why don’t you get it modified so that it looks similar to the new ones? It will look new but still it will give you the same warm feeling of the old familiarity.

Save money by repairing your old wheelchair

If you repair and modify your wheelchair, you will be able to save your money as modifications will be less expensive than a brand new wheelchair. Whether your budget is a constraint for you or not, if you can save money on repairing and modifying your wheelchair you will be able to utilize the money for other recreational purposes to spice up your life. You can add colors to your mundane existence by travelling to new places and visiting distant lands. If you feel that your physical disability will be a constraint for you as you will have just to pass by famous buildings without being able to get inside, then you are wrong. Usage of stair lifts in most of the buildings has become a common phenomenon. So, if you are an art lover, you can easily visit museums and galleries located on the top floors of the building. Your disability will not be able to interfere with your zeal for travelling or nurturing the art lover in you.

Modify your wheelchair according to your travel plan

When you plan to travel, it is wise that you get your wheel chair modified in a new and sleek look so that travelling becomes easier for you. Moreover, a modified wheelchair can instill a new lease of life in your heart, and you will be more confident while travelling to unknown lands. You can ask the wheelchair modification service provider to reduce the weight of your wheel chair by removing or replacing the heavier components like the unnecessary armrests. You may ask them to install a luggage carrier so that you do not have to depend on others to carry your luggage. If you have solid back tires in your wheelchair then, you can replace it with flexible pneumatic tires which can cope with the jerks and jolts of rough roads. To make your ride more stable, you can replace the front tires with wider versions of tires. You can ask them to use pliers so that you can manually adjust the brakes to fit the new tires.

Do not neglect your fitness while you are travelling

When you are travelling, it is likely that your daily routine will be affected. Make sure that the travel fatigue does not take a toll on your health. If you undergo regular physiotherapy then, you will have to miss some of the sessions of physiotherapy. So, you should take important medicines with you to stay fit and healthy. You must be aware of the benefits of green coffee and take it along with you so that you can remain fit throughout the travel program. It will aid in boosting your metabolism and keeping your blood pressure under control. You can smack on any exotic food of the location without any concern about weight gain when you have green coffee with you.

Visit your dreamland

You may have dreamt of going for a tour in Europe, but your disability may have interrupted your dream of travelling. But your spirit for travelling should not get curbed even with your disability as you can still visit your dreamland in your modified wheelchair which is customized for travelling. You can ask your wheelchair modification service provider to customize a place in your wheelchair where your mobile phone can easily fit so that you can easily communicate with your family and friends during the long journey. If you are a music lover, you can visit Germany but make sure that your cell phone is updated with the latest version of mobile tracking system so that you never feel helpless if you lose your necessary mobile phone. Mobile tracking in Germany is easy and follows the latest technology. So, you will be able to stay in touch with your near and dear ones even when you are in a different continent.


Do not lock yourself up in your room along with your old wheelchair; rather modify your wheelchair and discover the travel enthusiast in you. You will feel more relaxed and full of life once you breathe the fresh air and visit different places. You will not need to consult with your psychologist out of depression for remaining restricted at the same place. You will get a new lease of life when you will be able to visit new places, interact with the native people of that place and immerse yourself into the cuisine and culture of that place.